What is Tjoy Entertainment?

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TJOY ENTERTAINMENT is a smaller record label for up and coming artists and bands who want to get their voice, sound and music to the crowds. Music producing, publishing, distribution and marketing are our thing.

At this moment we are looking from 3 to 6 up and coming artists in their own genre for our label. Our main mission is to handle the distribution and marketing for every artist or band and being the producer or co-producer. On the road to success in the music industry our artists get to use our amazing network of professional. We can do something small or aim high.

TJOY ENTERTAINMENT serves artists also in studio producing. When recording you are able to use top technology and to get professionals help from other musicians. Smaller projects are are done in "home studio" and bigger ones we use professional setup. New studio for TJOY Entertainment (Kiikku Records) is ready in 2023.

TJOY Entertainment uses all the profits from the business to charity or helping new artists and bands.

We are now living the year 2022 and our story is still in the beginning but we are moving forward and fast. This nightrain doesn't just stop. We are building producing with whole new concept. With this we are able to serve up new coming artists and give them opportunities. Before everything we do this with a big heart and from human to another.

TJOY ENTERTAINMENT locates in center of the universe. Seinäjoki - The capital of space. Main company was founded in 2021 and now is time to press the pedal to the metal.


Success is not given but made. Nothing less but more for all
-Success by TJOY-